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My name is Gavin McClements. I am a wargamer and family man, living in Los Gatos, which is a suburb of San Jose, CA. Building terrain is one of my favorite aspects of the wargaming hobby - in fact, lately I've become more interested in making my battlefields "pop" than in actually playing.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mammoth is camo'd up, lined, and has a new, shiny cockpit

I got the lining done on the Mammoth this evening. Being a larger model, I felt that this sucker could lure me in with its wiles and trap me all night, so I went for a more minimalist approach than on the APCs by Khurasan. Still, it took me a bit and I was pleased with its results.

.That cockpit scared the tar out of me. I have never actually done one, but I always try to do my research and so came up with this.  Of course, it made me realize that the sensor sticking out of the cockpit needs to be lined (tomorrow!) and I realize that the searchlights on the torsos just dont look quite right, but hey, Im like 99% happy. I need to splash some red on the missiles in the launcher on the left arm, add my battle damage to the vehicles as a lot, seal it, then add the weathering pigments from Secret Weapon, seal it again, and then maybe base it. 60mm base, anyone?


  1. Hi Kealios, I think it needs a filter to tie the camo together, take about 5% paint (red browns a good colour, but green will also look good), 95% thinner, enamels would be best, water has a tendency to bead, paint it on rather then slop it on, it will unify the colours, it is subtle but you will be surprised at how good the effect is.

  2. You mean a thin ribbon of rust-colored paint? I suppose that could work, but Ive got this image in my head and I've gotta stick it out. I put the link below somewhere to the U.S. 3-color desert camo that I am hoping to replicate. Sadly, the Medium Olive is a little greener than I had wanted, but the weathering pigments I am going to apply soon should mute that a bit (I hope!).

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hi Kealios, for some ideas, check this site.