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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Warmaster Beastmen - planning

My Elves are only just now being sorted and put on Popsicle sticks for painting, and I'm already planning my next armies.

Typical :)

As I plan my purchases, this is just my research into what I can/should get.

http://www.pendrakenforum.co.uk/index.php/topic,10486.0.html has a fantastic set of pics, with the ever-coveted purchase list:

Pendraken SKU's:
1 x Minotaur army pack
1 x FM2 Axe
1 x FM7 Sword & shield
2 x FM9 Chieftain & Shaman
 (dont forget Jim!)
6 x FG6 Wolves
4 x FG10 Giant Wolves

Haedusmen [Bestigors]
2 x FHA1 Polearm
 2 x FHA2 Club
 2 x FHA3 Axe
2 x FHA4 Sword

8 x FBE1 Sword [Beastherd]

8 x FBE2 Spear

6 x FBE3 Bow [Herdkin]

This one is only 4 days old at the time that I found it:

For some other models, these Eureka Deaemonaurs [400FAN033] could be Centigors:
Beastlord Command, Ogre Beasts and Beast Lord Command [400FAN015]: - but will one of these be big enough/good enough to be a Beastlord General?

For the Doombull Hero, I imagine I can find a nice 15mm Minotaur figure, but I was surprised that Splintered Light doesnt seem to have any...
http://www.magistermilitum.com/bmn2-minotaurs-7614.html  seem like a good idea, though at 22mm tall, they'd be BIG...[note http://warhammerfb.wikia.com/wiki/Beastmen lists Minotaurs at twice the size of a man, so maybe this WILL work...]
These are sexy, actually (Magister Militum BMN3 Beastmen) and at 18mm tall, might be a fantastic fit:

The Shaggoth? Oh Lord...no idea how I'm going to make that. This is a great 6mm conversion - maybe something similar will work.

This is the Eureka 10mm Dwargon - maybe I can find a 15mm or 20mm version of this?
Maybe these "Lion Centaurs" from Iron Wind?
What about a Metallic Bull?
Dragon Ogres? What about these Pendraken Troll Centaurs?

Here is a comparison shot between some Beastmen minis:

Chariots? Some conversions needed, I think. I'll change this entry as I find some candidates. [note: http://wrathruinandthereddawn.blogspot.com/2014/07/on-painting-table-beastlord-on-tuskgor.html has an excellent, easy conversion....]

Chaos Spawn? I'm not a huge fan...but this shouldnt be too hard to track down as needed. What about these? http://brigadegames.3dcartstores.com/Achtung-Cthulhu--MUH00107--Mythos-Creatures--Mi-Go_p_4106.html

I need some 10mm or 15mm skulls...something to decorate the General's banner with, or any chariots I find...and of COURSE I need this model now (the Dark Emissary):
Thanks to http://pw2gaming.blogspot.com/2012/09/warmaster-dark-emissary.html for tipping me off...but wouldnt it be awesome to have models like this in our scale?
I guess that's why they play 28mm!

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