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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Assembling the Warmaster Wood Elves pt. 1

Most everything has arrived for my two new Warmaster armies. I've walked my hotel through a complete renovation before, and the paperwork that was required then was enormous - I felt a bit similar as I tracked all the different manufacturers and orders coming in for this project.

Again referencing Athens Fantasy's blog, I started sorting my Eureka into the different poses. Let me say this about Eureka models: SO MUCH FLASH! Seriously, though...they're nice models, but cleaning them is going to be a LOT of work, and some models are really bent out of shape or slightly broken (bows, spears, etc).

Honestly, I felt like I was sorting a CCG instead of models from a renowned manufacturer, because of the 7 packs of Eureka archers I ordered, no two were identical in quantities. After all was said and done, I ended up with:
Pose 1: 48
Pose 2: 47
Pose 3: 7
Pose 4: 7
Pose 5: 6 (!!)
Pose 6: 48
Pose 7: 48

I guess in the end, things mostly averaged out, but yea, one pack didn't even have the Standard Bearer (#5) in it!

I also had 7 packs of the Infantry to sort.
These were even more random in their quantities, assuming because there were 8 poses instead of 7 (and at least every pack had their 3 command models!). I ended up with:
Pose 1: 43
Pose 2:37
Pose 3: 7
Pose 4: 7
Pose 5: 7
Pose 6: 44
Pose 7: 38
Pose 8: 36

Here is the sorted, non-cleaned up lot:
I don't have my Pendraken models yet (ordered from The War Store on May 7th...almost a month ago), but here are some comparisons with Copplestone, Eureka, and Magister Militum.

On the left is Eureka 400FAN24, on the right is Magister Militum FEF-404. MM is bigger and nicer, but they should mix nicely I think, especially since Eureka is much more dynamic in pose.
This is a Eureka archer 400FAN07 on the left, with a Copplestone Casting TM17 Ranger on the right. CC is HUGE compared to Eureka, with the head of the model on the right coming to 13mm, and the Eureka model being almost exactly at 10mm (the base is included here). I will likely compensate by putting the smaller models in the back to try a little "forced perspective"...fortunately I don't have many CC models, and the Pendraken models coming are mostly for the Vampires.
These are some Tree Kin and Dryads options. Leftmost is the 15mm Splintered Light Dryads (note the dryad in the tree is about the same size as the farmost right model), then SL Wood Trolls, 6mm Lesser Treekin from Microworld Games, and lastly a dryad from the Eureka Woodland Creatures package.
Finally, the big guys. On the left is the Eureka Wood Troll, then Splintered Light 15mm Treeman #2, and then the Microworld Forest Giant.
More as I get more sorted and organized...

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  1. Ah you've had similar ideas about making Wood Elves!

    Thanks for the comparison shots, sometimes it's hard to match models between manufacturers.

    Myself I'm planning on using a similar mix of models - GW dark elves for Eternal Guard and Glade Riders - Eureka for Wild Riders, command, dryads and warhawks.