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My name is Gavin McClements. I am a wargamer and family man, living in Los Gatos, which is a suburb of San Jose, CA. Building terrain is one of my favorite aspects of the wargaming hobby - in fact, lately I've become more interested in making my battlefields "pop" than in actually playing.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hotz Mats releases Felt Rivers

OK. This is cool. I don't want to fill my blog with ads for other people's stuff, but this I do like.

Hotz Mats  just released a felt river system in a variety of sizes (1.5", 2", 3" and 4" widths).  According to TGN's article, they come in a variety of lengths and can be customized if you need.

I love making terrain, but for smaller 6mm and 15mm games, these ready-made items that dont cost an arm and a leg just cannot be beat.  Check them out!

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