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My name is Gavin McClements. I am a wargamer and family man, living in Los Gatos, which is a suburb of San Jose, CA. Building terrain is one of my favorite aspects of the wargaming hobby - in fact, lately I've become more interested in making my battlefields "pop" than in actually playing.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Warmaster resources

Not sure if these are relevant still or not, but this seemed like a good place to mark some of the things I've found over the past month while surfing the internet.

The best place to get the game itself. Look for "Warmaster Living Rules" :)

The Specialist Games forums - this is a link to a lot of what I have below:

THE most inspiring Blog I've found on Napoleonic building as mini-dioramas - and because of this, my wallet went KA-BLAM over at Total Battle Miniatures and Levin Miniatures!

Campaign rules and a repository of Warmaster rules supplements

This seems to be a fully functional army builder online, with links to some of the Warmaster PDFs.

This guy has some neat entries on terrain and Warmaster units he has done.

Another repository of Warmaster files, including counters for gaming

In case you don't have models and want some counters to play with:

Some reviews of 6mm Buildings

A fantastic PDF on making small-scale forests - like, FORESTS, not individual trees clumped around each other :)


  1. Glad you find my building review at "Declare Sir" of use - glad I can repay the favour of enjoying your own blog :-)