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My name is Gavin McClements. I am a wargamer and family man, living in Los Gatos, which is a suburb of San Jose, CA. Building terrain is one of my favorite aspects of the wargaming hobby - in fact, lately I've become more interested in making my battlefields "pop" than in actually playing.

Monday, October 22, 2012

GameCraft comes out with Felt Roads for 6mm

Well, time moves along and I find yet another product looking to lighten my wallet just a bit. This time, however, the actual amount won't be too much, which is nice.

GameCraft Miniatures have introduced a simple laser-cut felt road system, both in "paved" (black) and "dirt" (brown) varieties. The laser cutting actually prevents fraying, which is a reasons to buy this product instead of just making your own. I dont feel that felt usually lies down flat and trouble free, but this might be an exception. Regardless, its worth a look. Speaking of looks, here is GameCraft doing a short video presentation on it!

The items can be found here.

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